Holiday season opening hours

5.12 klo 17-23
6.12 klo 13-20
23-27.12 Closed
28.12 klo 17-22
29.12 – 31.12 klo 17-23
1-4.1. Closed
5.1.ja 6.1. klo 17-23

It is nearly impossible to force Sikke´s into to a mold. The ingredients and the way we prepare them varies – all depending on the season and on where Sikke and her chef drawing their inspiration from in that moment. Delicious and effortless, that is our motto.

It is like entering a good friend’s dining room.A friend, who always has something delicious prepared for you. You will find familiar tastes with a slightly new twist. Sometimes you will stumble upon something you couldn’t even dream of and get pleasantly surprised.

Sikke´s is a cozy neighborhood restaurant. We hope you will enjoy your stay with us. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow… And that you will find your favorite table, favorite waiter and favorite wine.

You can also pop in Sikke´s just for a glass of wine. Our wine selection is gorgeous! Grab a savory snack or why not a whole dinner to be enjoyed at the bar.

Sikke Sumari