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Beef tartare of local breed, tarragon and parmesan 17/25e

Cold smoked salmon, cucumber, soy-sesame mayonnaise and lime ponzu 16 e

Beetroot, chévre, endive and roasted fennel seeds 15 e

Jerusalem artichoke lángos, smetana and whitefish roe 14 e


Pepper steak 29e

Arctic char, kale, chestnuts, apple and beurre blanc sauce 26 e

Pasta with mushrooms of the season, ricotta, hazelnuts and sage 24 e

Chicken stew, butter beans, black kale, croutons and parmesan 24 e


Lingonberry pavlova 12e

Ginger poached pears and roasted white chocolate 12e

White miso crème brûlée 10 e

Cake of the day 10 e

Cheese and fig jam 9 e

Sorbet 7e